Quorium Solutions Client Services

We're here to help you offer the best experience for your software applications.


Whenever you talk to a member of the Quorium Solutions client services team, you're getting help from someone familiar with our more than 60 signed clients. Use that knowledge to get the inside scoop on how to win market share and drive a user-centric experience.

We have a considerable investment in our IT platforms and work closely with our partners to ensure we are abreast with the latest technologies. We give our clients the peace of mind knowing we are a one-stop-shop providing the best solution for your requirements.


We strongly believe that deploying software applications should mean less work and more productivity. That's why we focus on 2 main objectives...


Achieving more and doing less means one thing alone, automation. As a rule of thumb, all our ERPs are automated to allow you focus on other things.


Our ERP applications are mobile reponsive and are developed to allow you scale your business maximally.

Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative

Do Once. Benefit Forever.

We create & maintain software that you can rely on even in critical & sensitive aspects of your businesses and social activities. Our innovation Lab partners with clients to innovate with location-targeted technology to create hyperlocal contextual experiences, to drive better business intelligence, engage the end user and deliver proximity based targeting and content delivery.

Innovation Labs

Developing for mobile can deliver immediacy, location-awareness (including micro-location), contextual information, convenience and accessibility. This helps businesses engage with their customers better; improves employee productivity and allows them to do their jobs more efficiently, as well as facilitating better engagement with all stakeholders across the business.


From server to device and everything in between. Mobile changes fast and we have to stay ahead. Quorium Innovation Labs is committed to continually looking for new ways to improve and deliver new solutions in technology and data, for ourselves and for our clients. We look for highly scalable technology start-ups and invest time, money, tech and expertise to help them grow.

Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative
Quorium Solutions Client Services Creative


If something isn't working as you'd like, our technical support team will fix it promptly.

  • All tickets are answered within one business day - most within 30 minutes
  • The support team interfaces directly with engineering to immediately resolve problems
  • Team members develop data analysis tools so you know how each product is performing
  • We take feedback seriously and consider every feature request and comment
  • We constantly monitor our system for errors so we catch them before anyone else does


Have a question about how our products work? Let us know and we'll set up a training session.


We can give your team a 2-hour tour so you're experts in every single Quorium Solutions product you offer your end users.

On-Site Training

You can visit our office, or we can visit yours to get everyone ready for the release of the Quorium Solutions platform.

Quorium Solutions' training has been nothing short of phenomenal. The content and knowledge from each training has been incredibly valuable and spot on for our needs.
Jonah Obenoh MD/CEO Lafrique` Securities