Estate & Facility Management Suite

Experience Online Real Estate Management

Bulwark Real Estate Management solution registers all basic, financial, functional and technical real estate data and documentation within a single integrated database.

Helios by MX Cross-Platform Phone App

Full-Feature Experience

Experience the innovations that result from Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System’s high investment in Research & Development and continuous drive to make technology work more efficiently for our customers.

Helios by MX Cross-Platform Tablet App

Transactional Functionality

The Helios framework integrates with your current digital banking features such as RDC, P2P, bill pay, etc.

Helios by MX Cross-Platform Desktop App

Financial Management

It also includes financial management features such as external account aggregation, auto-categorization, bubble budgets and more.

Easy-to-use solutions and accessible support

Benefit from highest user acceptance due to rolebased and intuitive system interaction on devices that suit the expectations and needs from your users.

Cross-Platform Code
Ready to use processes

The Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System Real Estate Management solution delivers full lifecycle support in real estate and ensures efficient and professional execution in both your operational and strategic processes including Portfolio Management, Transaction Management, Lease Management and Financial Management.

Valuable management information

Operational output and management information are crucial for identifying improvements and cost-saving opportunities across your real estate. The Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System Real Estate Management solution includes a web-based information tool that allows you to compose and report portfolio and property Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easily and intuitively.

Runs on all devices.

Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System enables organizations to effectively solve their Facility Management and Real Estate challenges. We understand that the added value of information systems resides in delivering high-quality management information. If that information originates in truly integrated solutions, it contributes to the realization of measurable improvements – such as better quality, reduced costs, increased efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction – in business processes.


  • Project Management
  • Estate News Feed
  • Estate Manager's Module
  • Accounts / Invoice
  • Resident's Module
  • Property Manager
  • Estate News Feed
  • ENERGY & UTILITY Manager
  • Signage Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Visitors Registration
  • Resident Module

Benefit from state-of-the-art integration technology that ensures an easy integration within your IT landscape, increasing data consistency, allowing real-time processing, and delivering valuable management information.

Incorporate new solutions in areas such as BIM, mobile applications, and sensor technology to further increase cost efficiency and workforce productivity.

Have a single-point-of-contact and professional 24/7 global support during both the implementation and utilization of your solution

Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System’s solutions seamlessly match with the needs of multinational companies, offering worldwide support and globally standardized software that allows for local customization.
Jude Thompson Investment Writer & Blogger

Everything in One Place

Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System has encapsulated 35 years’ experience into a standardized best practice, including preconfigured workflows, standards, reports, management dashboards, catalogues, templates, roles, authorizations and data import features. Using these standardized best-practice processes – which can be easily customized – saves time, money and unnecessary effort in the implementation process whilst simultaneously creating a foundation for future growth. This allows Bulwark Estate/Facility Management System customers to benefit from experience, knowledge and market standards combined in one future-proof solution that evolves with their organization.