FinTech is about taking a software-driven, radical approach to improving processes for financial services-including lending, borrowing, investing, as well as payments, retail banking, or any other part of day-to-day financial services management. A number of our customers employ FinTech advantages like branchless banking, the ability to raise millions worth of deposits with a few mouse clicks, mobile lending, and many more software-enhanced financial services.

QSLTM, by Quorium Solutions, is designed to put an account holder's data on center stage, molding it into a cohesive, intelligible and interactive visualization. This is how people want to engage with their finances. With QSLTM, you can take financial management to the next level - where intelligent data and design unite to drive financial engagement between account holders and financial institutions.


With QSLTM - integration is a snap! You can be up and running in as little as 30 days.


QSLTM has won several accolades and awards.


QSLTM gathers basic financial information from all of your financial accounts and organizes it into one place.

Feature List

Give your account holders an upgrade.

The Basics
  • Transactions
  • Accounts
  • Spending Categorization
  • Budgets
  • Report Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Commission Tracking
  • Analytics
And much more...
  • Lending
  • Form management
  • Daily Collections
  • Debt Management
  • Savings Management
  • Alerts
  • CRM


All your accounts in one place. All your transactions, automatically categorized. Track spending, manage debt, budget and more.


OsB's use of QSLTM is a great FinTech software story. The founders had a long history in the money lending market and saw great potential to carve out a market segment by using QSLTM to scale and automate loans disbursement electronically, and then fund these loans by using deposits through the QSLTM financial network. Their FinTech software platform, supplied by Quoium Solutions, manages the electronic interfaces to and from their customers and with OsB.